Most of us have now have heard of foot reflexology and its many benifits,but now attention is being drawn towards facial reflexology the new -in therapy that so many are raving about.

This non-invasive therapy involves me applying light pressure, and upward stroking movements. Pressure is applied to various points on the face which stimulate other areas of the body along energy pathways the same concept as foot reflexology. The thyroid for example may be stimulated by working half way down the bridge of the nose.

My own treatments include a super relaxing hot-towel cleanse of the face, before commencing to stimulate the reflex points on the face, I also love to include the power of crystals to super charge the deepest relaxation for my clients, after all the points have been worked and stimulated another hot-towel is applied which i have found to be a super relaxing way to draw the treatment to a close, a reviving white tea facial mist is applied to close the pores. The treatment finishes with the amazing aroma of a deeply replenishing moisturiser. All the products i use in my treatments are ethical and organically sourced where possible.


The faces close proximity to the brain and carinal nerves makes this a very powerful treatment releasing toxins from the body via the lymphatic system. It also improves circulation ,helps rebalance the body and mind and provides an invaluable tool to reduce the effects of stress improve sleep quality.

It also assists in working the facial muscles releasing tension that we very often hold in the face and neck.

Aside from all of the above many beauty benefits may also be achieved resulting in younger firmer plumper skin , leaving you with a radiant glow. Be prepared to be totally amazed by the many benefits of this fantastic treatment.

If you would like more information or to book this amazing treatment message Julie on 07891063557 or email jgrant@solespatherapies.co.uk

Facial Reflexology